Want to Ask Hillary a Question? Pay Up.

Blog Post - Want to Ask Hillary a Question? Pay Up.

It's now been 9 months since Hillary gave a press conference. In that time:

• Every single primary took place.

• Bernie Sanders came close to beating her.

• Donald Trump's improbably rise took place.

• The Orlando attack took place.

• The FBI report on her emails came out.

• Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC, had to step down after it was revealed the DNC conspired to defeat Bernie Sanders.

• The Democratic Convention came and went.

• Her health became a major, unaddressed issue.

And, well, everything else that can happen in 275 days. It's been a campaign carefully crafted to keep the public from accessing the controversial candidate. Only handpicked interviews have been allowed, and rarely at that. However, there is one way to gain access to her.

Be wealthy and powerful.

Cough up $33,000, and you can get you picture taken dining with Madam Secretary. For another $10,000, and YOUR CHILD can ask her a question.

In the last two weeks of August alone, Mrs. Clinton has held 22 fund-raising events, bringing in $50 million. It's the same type of service she provided while Secretary of State, selling influence to foreign nations in return for literally hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to her foundation. And let's not forget her mind-bogglingly expensive speaking fees to Wall Street investment banks.

But Clinton's press secretary has assured us that she will give press conferences... AFTER she's elected.

Folks, this is the person about to become the 45th President of the United States. And the irony is she's being elected by the same people who railed against 1%, against the insiders who don't need to play by the same rules we do, and against Wall Street's back room power brokers. Democrats are electing the exact person they have campaigned against. And she won't even grace them with her presence... UNLESS THEY PAY HER.

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