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Ten and counting. That's how many days in a row that CNN has featured a pro-Clinton or anti-Trump headline at the top of it's website. And going back to the end of the primaries, CNN has had a relentless, almost single-minded focus on promoting Hillary and tearing down her opponent.


The shift was so sudden and complete, that it's clearly deliberate; the result of a policy enacted by editors and fulfilled by journalists who are no longer following their code of ethics. Instead they're leveraging the full power of the medium to help enable the political outcome they desire.

Not only has CNN assigned nearly every daily headline on its website to the cause, but their on air programming is almost exclusively geared toward propping up Clinton as well. They've even been hosting a series of Libertarian Party town halls. The Libertarian Party is running two ex-Republicans on its ticket with year, and will likely siphon votes away from Trump. Yet the network is all but ignoring the Green Party and its candidate Jill Stein, who has garnered significant support among anti-Clinton Democrats and disaffected Bernie supporters.

Of course bias isn't unprecedented in the mainstream media. Fox News and MSNBC have been ideologically slanted for years. But even they haven't been as unabashed in their bias as CNN has been lately. Just look at the top headlines on CNN's website over the past 8 days:

August 3rd - Putin, Babies, the NFL: Just some of the things Trump has totally changed his mind on

August 3rd - 'Feel Like They're Wasting Their Time': Trump's behavior frustrates backers, aides

August 2nd - Trump's Terrible 72 Hours: Spat with Gold Star family, Ukraine error prompt uproar

August 2nd - Trump's Russia Problem Not Going Away: Trump has long embraced Putin's praise for his candidacy

August 1st - Kahn: Decent Republicans Stand With Me: GOPers condemn attack in Muslim Gold Star family

August 1st - Trump Trying to Squirm Out of Debates? Campaign wants to reschedule to debates over NFL conflict

July 31st - Kahn: Trump 'Totally Unfit': Dad of fallen US soldier says Trump lacks moral compass

July 31st - 'I've Made A Lot of Sacrifices': Trump responds to slain muslim soldier's father. Father: 'You've sacrificed nothing'

July 30th - The Dem's Republican Moment: Some GOPers felt Dems stole their mojo at the convention

July 29th - Her Historic Moment: Clinton accepts nomination to be 'president for all'

July 28th - Trump - Just Kidding: 'I was being sarcastic about Russians hacking Clinton's emails'

July 28th - Historic Hug: President Obama passes the baton to Hillary

July 27th - Trump Calls on Russia to Hack Clinton's Emails

July 27th - Her Biggest Advocate - Bill Clinton: Hillary is the best changemaker I've ever met

For a network that has tried to carry the moderate banner in cable news, CNN is taking a big risk in dropping all semblance of impartiality. And so far the network's viewers don't seem to be liking the shift. After the conventions ended, the network fell to third place behind FOX News and MSNBC.

Whatever the cause for the sudden move to prop up Hillary, it doesn't seem to have been to boost ratings. Instead the sole purpose appears to be to influence the election's outcome, a highly egregious abuse of media power.




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