Does Government Want to Save the Environment?

Blog Post - Does Government Want to Save the Environment?

...or spend the environment?

Here's the perfect example of why government plans to "save" the environment should be met with skepticism. A ballot initiative in Washington state to tax all carbon emissions is being opposed by environmental groups and the government because it includes tax cuts to offset the tax hike. In other words, they oppose it because the government won't get their hands on all that money!

The tax would raise about $2 billion a year, but would be offset by a 1% reduction the state’s sales tax and the elimination of a tax on businesses that manufacture in Washington. But those who oppose it instead want to direct the revenues to government, to be spent on the state education budget, transportation projects, affordable housing, and other programs.

And therein lies the problem with letting the government handle issues like climate change. To them, the environment is just a cash cow to be exploited. Time and again governments have proven themselves to be, first and foremost, self-serving. Whether their plans actually help the environment or not is secondary to how much they can line their own pockets and increase their cash coffers.

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