Don't Like President Trump? Thank a Liberal

Blog Post - Don't Like President Trump? Thank a Liberal

 Donald Trump pulled off arguably the biggest political upset in history. He went into election night with a very slim chance of winning and came out victorious. The reason why he won is clear to anyone who has endured divisive leftism over the last eight years and it’s liberals who gave birth to the Trump phenomenon.

Liberal media pundits, academics, and politicians spent Obama’s tenure fanning the flames of the silent majority. Every disagreer was a bigot. Every conservative opposed to central planning “hated poor people”. Every police officer was a racist murderer. Not a single Democrat wasted a moment turning everything into a racial issue - all with zero regard for objective truth.

If you spend any time in the Facebook political sphere, the last few years of Occupy Democrats, Being Liberal, and the rest of the lot will tell you a lot about the underlying tension. “Disagree with us and you’re a racist”, “we deserve $15 an hour because you’re a greedy bastard”, and so on and so forth. Occupy Democrats went so far as to once suggest that disagreeing with the President is paramount to treason.

The left’s tenacious desire for central planning upset the working class folks who they claim to represent.

The Obama administration continuously undermined the founding principles of our governing structures by usurping more power into the executive branch and wildly expanded the federal government. Regulatory agencies, without any concern for due process, became nothing more than activist bureaucrats imposing their will based on political whim. It was eight years of abused power on just about every issue imaginable, and all done with impunity.

Liberals, just as they did during Obama’s tenure, turned the election rhetoric into exactly what frustrated middle America for so long: if you vote for Trump, you’re a racist bigot. They hurled accusations at people - neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family. The condescending liberals took it upon themselves to deem all these people racists, and without a shred of evidence to prove it.

What was the response? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! To add insult to injury, exit polls show Trump performed just as well as Romney among Latinos and twice as well among blacks while Clinton, running against an alleged racist, underperformed among minorities in the Northern states.

All throughout the election not a single liberal outlet seemed to understand why people flocked to Trump. Various outlets and pages were reporting things like “Trump dodged taxes” and “none of the living presidents support Trump” - as if Trump voters really give a damn about George Bush’s endorsement or Trump’s crafty navigation of a tax code they know favors the wealthy.

At the beginning of the election, I warned the anti-Trump crowd that their rhetoric was only emboldening his campaign. Inciting riots at campaign events, hurling comparisons to Adolf Hitler, wildly speculating about child rape, and violently attacking Trump supporters (along with much more) all created the perfect environment for him to win.

If liberals could grasp the Constitution and the purpose of decentralized government, then perhaps a President Trump wouldn’t be as worrisome to them. But alas, they demanded that the federal government expand its role in “organizing” America - I believe Obama’s words were “fundamentally transform”. This, my liberal friends, is precisely why myself and others strongly advocate for constitutional originalism and limited government - for fear that one day, an unpredictable person may find himself as the leader of the free world and with it an abundance of power gifted to his office by years of compromising on our founding principles.

I have always been against Trump’s economic policies solely based on the evidence presented to me, not because I have a range of emotions on the matter. And yet, surprisingly, the left’s strategy continues in the wake of Trump’s victory - as if that will convince anyone to take them seriously. It turns out people don’t take too kindly to being called racists and bigots when they’re really just everyday Americans.

Liberals, you made this bed and now you will sleep in it.

Grant Phillips is a Young Voices Advocate. He is a member of Unbiased America and panelist on UA Live. Follow him @mod_libertarian .


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  • Shaun
    09-Nov-2016 04:31 PM

    GREAT write up! I didn't vote for Trump because of issues that were not based on some false narrative of racism or sexism or any other -ism. He's got 4 years, he best believe we will be watching.

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