An Economically Literate Celebrity!

Blog Post - An Economically Literate Celebrity!

(K.R.) Not every celebrity is economically ignorant. U2 lead singer Bono is the co-founder and spokesperson for the ONE Campaign, a nonpartisan advocacy organization that fights poverty and disease in Africa. What makes him different from other celebrities and politicians is that Bono actually wants to advocate for policies that work. And years of actually visiting impoverished regions to see what works and what doesn't have put Bono at odds with most of his less-involved peers. That's because he doesn't call for wealth redistribution, or socialism, or isolationism...

Instead, he advocates for the spread of capitalism and trade, echoing what economists have been saying for decades. "Aid is just a stop-gap. Commerce and entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid," he tells leaders and advocates in speeches around the world.

Indeed Bono used to advocate the same shallow, economically unsupported views as most in the celebrity set. “It was humbling for me to realize the importance of capitalism, particularly as someone who got into this as a righteous anger activist with all the cliches,” he admits.

It's a surprising and welcome admission at a time when most people are so stubbornly wed to their beliefs that all the evidence in the world won't change their minds.

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