Blog Post - The Pre-existing Condition Problem


Much of the debate about repealing Obamacare is centered around the “pre-existing condition” problem, and rightfully so. The fact that people that are sick or injured and cannot find insurance is a scary predicament for most people, one that nobody wants to find themselves in. It is however, important to note this was a problem that affected a small percentage of Americans.


Blog Post - What Exactly Happened in the Courts to Trump's Travel Restrictions?

The 9th circuit ruling has been a bit misunderstood by a media that is averse to reporting facts and circumstances, and instead tacitly claiming Donald Trump's executive order is unconstitutional.

We have a tendency to think of judges as impartial magistrates, that interpret and dispense the law, not politics, and hardly venture out of their jurisdiction. We think of judges not as humans, but as gods in black robes.


Blog Post - Black Progress Before the Welfare State

Conservatives are labeled racist just for opposing the welfare state, as if the claim is without any merit. This couldn't be further from the truth.

We’re often told that the economic disparity between whites and blacks is a symptom of a racist society inculcated with racial undertones that are implicit within the white “hegemony” that controls our institutions.


Blog Post - Did White Supremacy Power Trump?

In the wake of Donald Trump's victory, a lot of narratives have been perpetuated as to what happened. One of the most popular explanations being peddled by the left is that the white population pushed Trump to victory over fear of a changing country.

Indeed, Van Jones of CNN said on election night that this election was a "whitelash". This narrative fits nicely into the prevailing rhetoric before the election that Trump and his supporters were racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic bigots.

Even I thought before the election that Trump's only realistic path to victory was for the white turnout to be strong. Not because I actually believed that Trump and his supporters were bigots, but because it is no secret that white voters are more predisposed to voting Republican. Moreover, with the fear tactics being used by the left and media, I had little faith in this being the election that minorities would shift to the GOP.


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